For the recruitment and selection of non-Dutch officers and seamen, JR Shipping has been working in cooperation with Marlow Navigation Netherlands in Rotterdam for a long time. As a recruitment partner, Marlow takes care of the management of a regular pool of officers for JR Shipping whom we actively involve in the operations of our fleet.

Do you fit in with the JR Shipping team? Do not hesitate to contact one of our crewing officers (JR Shipping or SeaZip Offshore Service) of Marlow Navigation!


Marlow Navigation Netherlands (for JR Shipping)

bmourits_120x120Bas Mourits
Crewing Officer
 +31 (0)10 206 6343 


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Marlow Offshore Netherlands (for Seazip Offshore Service)

iilinskaite-kubiene_120x120Indré Zilinskaite-Kubiene
Crewing Officer
 +31 (0)85 489 6920


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