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We, AS Shipping Group BV parent company of JR Ship Crew BV and SeaZip Crew BV and involved CVs for which they perform management, or subsidiaries are responsible for the processing of confidential data, including your personal data. This data must be handled carefully and confidentially. This is in your and our interest. This Privacy Statement explains which data we process, the reason why we process them, who provides the data and for how long we retain these data. We attach great value to the conscientious processing of your personal data. AS Shipping Group BV shall apply the relevant provisions set out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have any questions about this, we’ll be happy to answer them. Please contact us at [ and/or on +31 (0)517 – 431 225].


We need the personal data to perform a registration, execute an order or make an invoice for the goods or services which you have purchased and to deliver those goods or services. We use your personal data in order to be able to communicate with you in the best possible way.

We communicate with you through sending a newsletter or personal mail or by phone. You must have given us prior consent for sending the newsletter and for the account registration. This consent may be withdrawn unilaterally at any time. You can find further information about this in our privacy disclaimer.

How do we acquire your data?

We acquire data from you as you use our products and services and when you get in touch with us. Just think of data sources like using a contact and / or application form on one of our websites, registration for the newsletter or receiving an email.

Which data do we store?

When you make use of or purchase our services/products, we are involved with your personal data. You provide these personal data to us yourself. Examples of personal data which you make available are:

  • gender
  • first name and surname
  • address details
  • telephone number
  • e-mail address
  • bank account number
  • date of birth
  • medical data
  • passport/ID
  • citizen service number (BSN)
  • contract / salary information
  • seaman’s book and relevant seamans documentation

In addition to your personal data, we also learn about your digital and technical footprint, because you leave it when you visit on of the website of the AS Shipping Group BV. We receive information about your activities on our website, information about your browsing behaviour, your IP address and your location details. The IP address is anonymised.

Storage of personal data

AS Shipping Group BV is responsible for storing your data safely. We store your data with the help of hosting company Combell BV. We have entered into processing contracts with these data storage providers. We shall not store your personal data longer than is necessary or provided by law.

Inspection, adjustment or removal of personal data from our database

At any time, you will have the right to have access to or amend your personal data in our database or to have them permanently removed. For that purpose, you must file a request to AS Shipping Group BV shall process this request with care.

Sharing your personal data by AS Shipping Company BV with outside parties

Outside parties are understood to mean our programme suppliers and business partners. Based on your instruction or pursuant to a legal obligation, we shall draw up a processing contract, if this is necessary. We have concluded processing contracts with our suppliers and business partners. We shall under no circumstances whatsoever provide personal data to parties with which we have not entered into a processing contract. AS Shipping Group BV will be responsible at all times.


Suppliers who make use of personal data are understood to mean those suppliers who provide software programmes to us. We have entered into processing contracts with these suppliers.

Business partners

Business partners are understood to mean those offices and firms which support us in our operations, for instance, marketing agencies, accounting offices and administrative firms. We have entered into a partnership with these entities and they are allowed to make use of your personal data for the execution of the activities as identified in the above Privacy chapter.


For the purpose of keeping you informed about changes in products or services, product and service offers or other substantive information, we publish a newsletter. We transmit the newsletter using all the e-mail addresses of users who have given us permission to approach them for promotional purposes and/or for the purpose of providing necessary customer information.

The mailing program MailChimp is used for the distribution of the newsletter. We have entered into a processing contract with this entity. You have the right to adjust your preferences or indicate that you no longer want to receive the newsletter at any time. In the secure MailChimp web environment, your e-mail address will be removed from the mailing list permanently. We, AS Shipping Group BV, will be responsible for the careful and confidential processing of your personal data at all times.


This chapter is intended for websites without a cookie bar. The plugin creates a bar with a standard message about cookies.
Figuratively speaking, a cookie is a crumb which leaves behind a digital trail when you visit the website using your desktop, telephone or tablet. These cookies are stored in the browser of the device which you use to visit the website. The GDPR distinguishes four different types of cookies: necessary cookies, statistical cookies, preference cookies and marketing cookies.

  • Necessary cookies: these cookies ensure the proper functioning of the website. No consent is required for these cookies.
  • Statistical cookies: these cookies collect data about the use of our website. These data are anonymised. The website visitor needs to consent to these cookies being used.
  • Preference cookies: these cookies ensure that your preference settings are stored, including language preference and the choice of items in your shopping basket. The website visitor needs to consent to these cookies being used.
  • Marketing cookies: for showing information provided by outside parties, such as YouTube video content, Facebook posts or images from a third-party website (embedded content). Without your consent, the website cannot display this content. The website visitor needs to consent to these cookies being used.

Details of the cookies which we use are included in the cookie banner on the website.

Removal of cookies

You have two options if you want to block saving of cookies. You may either change your browser settings so that cookies are no longer stored or remove your cookies from your browser. If you disable or remove cookies, you will no longer be able to use all our website functionalities. This may have a negative impact on user convenience.
The law allows us to place necessary cookies in your browser. Necessary cookies are understood to mean cookies which are necessary for the workings of the website.

Changes in our privacy and cookies policy

Our privacy and cookies policy may be amended in the near future. Therefore, we recommend that you check this page for any changes which may have been made. Drastic changes will be communicated clearly and prominently.

Any questions?

Do you have any general questions about privacy? Please refer to the website of the Dutch DPA (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). If you have any specific questions, remarks or complaints regarding your privacy, please contact: AS Shipping Group BV, and/or on +31 (0)517 – 431 225.