JR Shipping shipping company has its own view of how we can achieve the best results together, both for our organisation ashore and our work at sea. Every crewmember who works for JR Shipping accepts our company culture and endorses our values.

‘At JR Shipping we take our responsibility towards our immediate colleagues, towards the next shift of colleagues and towards the company. Working as a team is not just about making our jobs more pleasant, it is also about enhancing our performance for the benefit of our clients.’

Our keyword is ‘respect’. Key in our shipping culture is that we get on with colleagues, clients and other people who are involved in an open and friendly manner, regardless of background, nationality, rank, experience or task description. We attach great value to mutual communication and would like to hear from you what you expect from us as a maritime employer and what we can do to enable you to function and perform as best you can.

‘Within our company, nationality does not matter. What matters for a really good crew is character, competence for the job to be done, respect and team spirit’

People on board our vessels work hard in a robust atmosphere. Clear and open communication and feedback are very important. Always with respect, though. Because we want to benefit from it together. We see for ourselves what has to be done, take the initiative and learn from every situation. That is what we like. That is how we’d like to see our work at sea done.

‘On board our ships, safety is a key issue. We all know that and we are all aware of that. Still, we are only human. That is why we keep reminding one another of the importance of safety rules. That will help us to come back home in good condition/shape.’

We expect our people to take personal responsibility for quality, health, safety and the environment. It requires discipline and awareness of your duties and responsibilities and of the procedures on board the vessels. To help remind us of that, we regularly organise both formal and informal meetings. They always have a fun conclusion, in order to get to know each other better.

Act like a team, behave like a team member. Empathise with others and bridge language and cultural differences.