JR Shipping Group operates in three international shipping markets. Our core activity comprises operating a fleet of container feeders. Besides that, our shipping company operates multipurpose vessels. From 2010, under the banner of SeaZip Offshore Service, we also provide expert maritime services to the offshore oil and gas industry and the offshore wind industry.

Container feeders

This is a strenuous form of shipping with vessels calling various ports every week. Normally, the vessels sail in one to three week round voyages. You will have to love action. For experienced crew members, it means that they practise those skills which make life at sea interesting on a daily basis, namely: navigating and manoeuvring on the busiest shipping routes in the world. Starting and junior crew members will be able to gain appropriate experience. Within a month, you will have visited more ports than you would have during a full term in any other form of shipping.

Multipurpose vessels

Our multipurpose vessels (dry-cargo vessels) provide tramp services. Each port and each cargo are different. Unlike our container feeder practice, you will regularly be away at sea on these vessels for uninterrupted periods stretching from several days to two weeks.

Offshore service vessels

We specifically focus on crew transfer vessels (CTV) which we deploy in the offshore wind, oil and gas industries. SeaZip Offshore Service vessels have primarily been designed for the transport of crew to and from windfarms at sea. Besides that, they can be deployed for the transport of crew and equipment to oil and gas platforms and as guard, dive support and survey vessel. As a captain of one of our SeaZip service vessels, you must have excellent manoeuvring skills and be decisive and guest-oriented.