JR Shipping and SeaZip Offshore Service share a mission: Excellence in Sustainable Short Sea Shipping. We can only fulfil that mission with professionals who are driven to achieve excellent performance. This applies to both professionals at sea and ashore. As an employer, we offer the circumstances and space for this. At JR Shipping, we say: People First .

We have laid down this principle in our ESG policy (Environment, Social, Governance). In 2022, we worked hard to put this policy into practice. In 2023, we got the green light for our first Sustainability Report. We are proud of what we have achieved, but we also realise that we still have a lot of work to do. We prefer to do this together with our seafarers and shore employees.

The ‘S’ of ‘Social’

Our ‘People First’ principle can be found under the ‘S’ of ‘Social’. This ‘social dimension’ is most relevant to you, given your relationship as an employee of our shipping group. Within the ‘S’ of our ESG policy, we advocate an inspiring, healthy, safe, and inclusive work environment in which everyone feels valued and has the opportunity to grow.

JR Shipping Group offers an open, informal, and honest working culture. Whoever you are and whatever you bring, you can be yourself with us. In our ESG policy, we emphasise health and safety, training and talent development, involvement and ownership, diversity, and growth opportunities within our organisation. Those are not promises without obligation. They are fixed values in our human resources policy, anchored in our ESG principles.

The ‘G’ of ‘Governance’

‘Governance’ is about good governance and responsible entrepreneurship. Those are obvious to us. But by recording them in our ESG policy, we make our actions verifiable, and we commit ourselves to always

being alert to situations in which corruption, exploitation, and other abuses occur.

JR Shipping and SeaZip Offshore Service put a high importance on professional, transparent, and sustainable relationships with business partners who, like us, maintain high standards of integrity and reliability. We endorse the United Nations’ guidelines for good governance ( Global Compact) and act accordingly. Incidentally, we realise that our impact on this theme is limited. That doesn’t mean we are not committed to doing the right thing together.

The ‘E’ of ‘Environment’

A current theme on which we do have an impact is climate and sustainability. This brings us to the first letter, the ‘E’ of ‘Environment’. As a shipping company, we contribute to economic growth and prosperity on the one hand, but also to the depletion of our natural resources and the emission of harmful substances and gases, including CO₂, on the other hand.

As a shipping group, we want to create a culture in which taking action that helps make shipping more sustainable is second nature. With this, we want to contribute to a better and more sustainable future. We put our money where our mouth is, for example, by making our existing ships more sustainable. The installation of the Value Maritime filter systems with CO₂ capture and storage options, which started in 2021, is an important step in that respect.

We also introduce our container feeder customers to our vision of the container feeders of the future, ready to sail on renewable fuel. Another thing to be proud of: the important role that the SeaZip Offshore Service ships play in the transition to electricity from the sea. The number of offshore wind farms SeaZip is involved in is impressive.

In our Sustainability report, we have specified exactly which aspects we focus on. Think of topics like reducing our CO₂ emissions, but also innovative ship design, responsible handling of waste on board our ships, treatment of ballast water, and so on. You can read it all in our ESG report. You will notice that you have every reason to be proud of your role at JR Shipping and/or SeaZip Offshore Service.

Download Sustainability report 2022 / 2023 JR Shipping Group